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Time, money and resources are in constant high demand, making training and upskilling challenging. But at Intrinsic Energy we know that continuous learning is the key to high-performing teams. With the rate of change being faster than ever, now is the time to enable your team to rise to the challenge.

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Team memberships for learning and development through Intrinsic Energy's corporate training solution

Employee-Centric Learning

By using the Intrinsic Energy platform, your team members will maximize their potential and learn the skills they specifically need, with their own customized learning plan. By giving your team the flexibility to guide their own training, not only do you have employees taking control of their own development, but you have a team that is empowered and confident, improving motivation and productivity.

What makes Intrinsic Energy different?

At Intrinsic Energy, we understand that traditional methods of training requires booking of different programs, encouragement of participant sign-ups, reminding employees of upcoming programs and then tracking employee’s progress. The Intrinsic Energy Learning Solution streamlines this process through an innovative EdTech platform which motivates individuals to be accountable and responsible for their individual learning journey, and matches them to world-renowned experts in a variety of different fields.

What is Intrinsic Energy?

Individualised Learning and development solutions to corporate training

Individualised Learning Solutions

Each member of your team can learn the specific skills they need to thrive, enabling the whole team to be truly high performing.

Flexible corporate training

Flexibility for leaders and teams

With multiple sessions a month, participants can attend when they have time to dedicate to one hour of learning.

Learning and Development Conversations to enhance Corporate training

Enhanced development conversations

Each month your team will be learning new skills. You can discuss their progress with the aid of our post-session worksheets.

Innovative Platform for corporate training

Cutting edge corporate training

Experts bring traditional in-person corporate training to life with live online sessions, engaging directly with participants in small groups.

Low Cost alternative to Corporate training

Substantially lower cost

Using an innovative streamlined process to deliver world-class corporate training enables your entire team to develop within your budget.

6 Reasons to
Start a Subscription

Personalised Learning solutions rather than traditional corporate training

Personalised Learning Solutions

Each employee is unique and needs different skills to reach their career potential. Using Intrinsic Energy, your employees design their own bespoke learning journey to help them maximise their strengths, minimise their weaknesses, and reach their goals.

Interactive Corporate Training Sessions

Interactive Live Sessions

All programs are live to ensure maximum participation and engagement. Participants can immediately apply the skills to their individual case studies and challenges. They are able to ask questions and interact with the session expert and walk away with personalised actionable takeaways.

Tracking Progress of Employees learning and development

Tracking of Employee’s Learning Journey

In the membership portal, participants can track their upcoming sessions, see which sessions are still incomplete and what courses they have completed. Alongside this, HR managers and team leaders can request reports to track the progress of their teams.

Gamification of learning and development

Gamification of Goals

Participants set targets as to how many courses they will complete that week and can see their success grow with access to My Courses. Hitting targets enables them to gain tokens which can then be used for one on one coaching opportunities.

Worksheets to continue learning

Post Session Worksheets

Each session is live and personalised for its participants, so sessions are not recorded. However, participants will gain access to the session summary worksheets, highlighting the key points and encouraging use of the skills learnt.

World class experts in corporate training

World-Class Experts

All Experts are vetted and trained on how to deliver engaging live, virtual programs by master trainer Katherine Baker. Intrinsic Energy believes true learning comes from practice therefore, participants are able to message their Experts with any post-session questions at any time.

Our Price Plans

Number of Team Members
Monthly Membership
Yearly Membership Save 25%

Number of Team Members


Monthly Membership

£96 / Month

Yearly Membership

Save 25%
£72 / Month
Billed Annually

Number of Team Members


Monthly Membership

£91 / Month

Yearly Membership

Save 25%
£67 / Month
Billed Annually

Number of Team Members


Monthly Membership

£84 / Month

Yearly Membership

Save 25%
£60 / Month
Billed Annually

Number of Team Members

*Price is per participant

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