Meet our Experts

We are incredibly proud of the team of world-leading coaches and experts who are a part of the Intrinsic Energy community. Together, we all work towards delivering the most engaging and accessible training for all.

Katherine Baker

Katherine Baker is Founder and CEO of Intrinsic Energy, an EdTech platform looking to revolutionise corporate training methods, to make learning and development more impactful and accessible for all. With over 8 years of experience as a trainer and speaker, working for companies such as Cisco, Unilever, Schroder’s and Goldman Sachs, Katherine saw the challenges employees were facing when it came to their own career development. Upon receipt of a grant from Innovate UK in 2020, she launched Intrinsic Energy in 2021. Having worked across the US, Europe and South East Asia, Katherine is hoping to bring her wealth of knowledge and experience to as many individuals and businesses who may be unable to access quality training in their current working environments. Ultimately, she hopes to encourage others to push themselves beyond their comfort zones, to achieve their career goals. 


Kayleigh McKnight

Kayleigh McKnight is Head of Strategy and Marketing at Intrinsic Energy. With a background in the entertainment industry, Kayleigh brings a different approach to marketing to Intrinsic Energy. Her marketing background spans working for music charities and theatre production companies, to assisting small businesses in honing their strategy to expand their outreach. Joining the team in 2021, she is excited to see how the company grows so that Intrinsic Energy can bring high-quality training to companies and employees across the UK. She really loves being part of a company that is helping to revolutionise the way we see Learning and Development. Aside from her background in marketing, Kayleigh is also a professional vocalist and has toured arenas across the globe.

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