Our Story

Intrinsic Energy was founded in March 2020, at the beginning of the global pandemic, due to the necessity of helping people continue to grow, learn and stay connected during unprecedented change and challenging times. However the need for a new way of training, that truly enables lifelong learning, arose many years before.

To create an empowered workforce, with thriving individuals, organisations need to actively acknowledge each employees training needs and help them develop the essential skills in negotiating, handling difficult situations, presentation skills, networking, and leadership. These skills are vital to everyone’s success, yet acquiring these skills is challenging.

Traditional in-person corporate training has tried to develop these soft skills within organisations. But after 8 years of consulting for the top global companies, international speaker and coach Katherine Baker realised there needed to be a different solution to learning. There needed to be a solution that provided training suited to the individual; whether that be the skills being developed or even the schedule of which it was being set. Training needed to be engaging, memorable and easily digested in short, bitesize bursts. But ultimately, it needs to be accessible and affordable, so that anyone could gain the skills and knowledge needed to thrive through change and tackle challenging times.

The future of corporate training needed to be more inclusive and driven by the individual to take control of their future and to do this it needed to embrace technology. Using the Intrinsic Energy platform, participants are in control of choosing and developing the skills they actually need, and they are able to repeat these courses as many times as they want to ensure they make the most of the course material.

Backed and funded by the UK Government, Intrinsic Energy was founded on the belief that people want to learn and grow, that people are happiest when they feel in control of their own careers, and when people are given the encouragement and trust to achieve their own initiatives.

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