Upcoming Sessions: April 2021

Here’s what our members have to look forward to this month on the Intrinsic Energy learning portal.

Here’s what our members have to look forward to this month on the Intrinsic Energy learning portal:

Motivation is integral and can determine how driven and happy an employee is within their role. If an employee is motivated, they are more likely to excel and work to the best of their ability. To encourage high-performing employees, you need to understand what your employee finds satisfying about their job and what diminishes their enthusiasm to work. You need to create a trusting environment where employees feel safe to work hard and make mistakes. Finally, you need to set the right goals to create a motivated team. 

Understanding and staying calm are the keys to dealing with difficult people. First, we need to understand the situation; are we dealing with a difficult person or difficult situation? Then we need to understand why someone may be being difficult. In this session, learn how to analyse the situation and get the results you need while improving your relationship.

Power and control are key elements when negotiating, but the interesting thing is that power is mostly perceived. In other words, if the other side perceives you as being in control, then that’s all that matters. During this session, learn the rules in the game of negotiating, discover techniques to keep yourself calm under pressure and uncover methods to ensure you get what you want!

While we are all finding our own coping skills to deal with this change, our individual reactions differ. During this session, you will learn and experience the different reaction humans exhibit when experiencing change. This will not only help you to manage yourself through change but will help you when communicating with colleagues, friends and loved ones going through their own changes. Tools and new skills will be discussed to help you reshape your mind and thrive during change.

At a fundamental level we are all programmed to move away from fire and towards safety. Sometimes our thoughts within the workplace can have the same effect, thoughts such as “Do I really feel part of the team?” or “Do people trust me to get work done?” or even “Do I have control over future decisions?”. Whether these thoughts present themselves positively or negatively can actively encourage someone to work hard or to shun the request and not actively participate. So how do we make sure we are consistently inspiring our team so they are thinking positively?

Leaders are faced with tough decisions every day. They need to know when to tell people what to do and when to coach people. Both approaches have positive and negative implications. Both are necessary at certain times. Used correctly, these two styles will help your team members reach stretch targets, maximise their potential and ultimately enjoy their careers under your leadership. In this session, discover the lessons in Liz Wiseman’s book “Multiplier” and learn how to enable others, instead of diminishing their capabilities.

Goal setting involves the development of an action plan, designed to motivate and guide you, or a group, toward a goal. Achieving goals means carefully deciding what it is you want to achieve and then doing a lot of hard work to actually do it. In this session, learn how to set clear, attainable goals that you will stick to and achieve.

This new way of remote working could now become a more permanent fixture in our future. As a leader, the good news is no matter where your team is based, you can lead a high performing team. This talk will introduce you to GRIP model combined with practical tools to enable you to be a part of and lead a highly motivated, engaged and productive team.

Times and Dates are subject to change. More courses can be added through the month so to stay up to date, check on the membership portal or sign up to our newsletter.

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