The Easy Solution to Continuous Learning

At Intrinsic Energy, we understand the need for a personalised, accessible and affordable training solution for the modern working world. Our platform provides an ever-changing roster of hour-long training sessions each week, allowing employees the flexibility to personalise their professional development.

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How it Works

Register for professional development sessions

Join the Intrinsic Energy Community

Register on the platform, create your account and begin booking in training sessions. An email will be sent confirming your booking, with the ability to add this to your work calendar.

Attend learning and development sessions

Attend your Session

The day has come! Attend your training session wherever you are in the world. Login to the platform, head to the session page and login to the virtual training room. Remember to bring a notepad, pen, and any appropriate materials so you can relate what you’ve learnt back to your own working environment.

Use worksheets to continue your professional development

Complete your Post-Session Worksheet

Once your session is over, head back to your portal and download the related worksheet so you can go over the key points from the training. Make sure to complete this and re-upload to your portal so you can officially complete your training. Struggling with something or have further questions? Contact your session leader for their advice or help.

Set targets for your professional development

Reach your Targets

Set your targets for each month to encourage regular training. Hit those targets and receive tokens towards your own personal one-on-one coaching session with one of our experts.

Continue your learning and development journey

Continue your Learning

Forgotten something from a previous session? Either head to the portal to re-download your worksheet, or register into another training session to freshen up your skills.

Share your corporate training progress with your HR manager

Share your progress with your HR Manager or Team Leader

Intrinsic Energy isn’t just about the training. It’s about your long-term development. Download the worksheets and discuss your progress with your manager to take pro-active steps towards progressing in your current job role.

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