Self Directed Learning

Intrinsic Energy is for anyone who wants to take control of their future, gain greater self-awareness, and work hard to accomplish their ambitions.  No matter who you are or what industry you are working in, the ability to communicate, achieve self-actualisation and go after your dreams with confidence is universal.  

Intrinsic Energy derives from the belief that we are in charge of our own futures and careers.  No one is going to give you your dream job or sought after promotion, you have to work for them.  You need to get to know your own strengths and weaknesses, be open to capitalising on your strengths and minimising your weaknesses.  Then you can be in control of choosing and developing the skills you need.  


Intrinsic Energy's self directed learning solutions is designed to put you in control of your own future.  You are responsible and accountable for your career. 

Group coaching sessions are broken up into manageable 1 hour webinars which are offered at different times throughout the week so you can attend the courses when and where you want.  You can also repeat these webinars as many times as you want to ensure the message really hits home.  Finally, all webinars are live so you can ask any questions and get immediate clarity. 



Intrinsic Energy webinars for individuals is currently FREE during this time of crises.

Once life regains some normalcy, however, we are committed to providing learning opportunities to anyone who is passionate about their futures. 

Price: £98 monthly subscription 

  • If you are unemployed, there are a number of different pricing options to help you out.  Please get in touch to find out more.

  • If you are employed, most companies no matter their size have budgets to help their employees learn and develop.  Click below for more information and to accesses a sample email template.

Programs for Business

When your team, company, or business is experiencing a specific challenge; interactive, live webinars with Intrinsic Energy offer impactful, flexible, and cost effective solutions which allow your employees to attend wherever in the world they are located.   


Webinars with Intrinsic Energy are highly interactive experiences which deliver results and improve how business is conducted.  Intrinsic participants routinely comment on how time flies during these energising webinars and are excited to practice the new skills learned.


Intrinsic Energy programs are full of a variety of activities including experiential learnings, quizzes, group discussions, individual activities, role plays, and case studies to ensure valuable information is assimilated and participants walk away with actionable guidance to maximise their full potential.  They can also be customised to fit your unique needs.

Get in touch and experience a live demo today!

Pricing TBD depending on scope of program.

Key Note Talks 

Katherine has delivered Key-Note talks world wide for organisations such as Congress London, Like Minds Festival, 12 Hay Hill, and her global fortune 500 clients.  Her talks range from 20 min key notes to full day workshops.  Watch her in action below and please get in touch to find out more!

Pricing TBD depending on scope of program.