Company Sponsorship

Furthering your education and increasing your professional qualifications will both be essential for doing a better job and getting access to more lucrative employment options. It is all in how you communicate your wish and create a persuasive argument (skills you will learn through Intrinsic Energy!)


Below are 6 tips to help you convince your company and a link to an email template. 

1. Do your Research:

First things first. Gather information on your company’s policy towards sponsoring or reimbursing funds for employee education. Confirm with the HR department regarding the opportunities available to you and the limit and scope of reimbursement for your role. Refer the employee handbook and other HR material to gather all the information regarding the available policies.

2. Understand Your Employees Concerns

Employees might worry about the time commitment Intrinsic Energy would take.  Good news! Intrinsic Energy wont interfere with your workday.  There are plenty of courses during lunch or before/after work and as they are virtual, you don't have to leave the office!

3. Build a Business Case

Formulate a business proposition for your employer stating how your education and training aligns with the organisation’s interest. Build a use case explaining how a skilled employee would emerge highly effective and revolutionise the traditional methods to a more modern approach.

Highlight how you and the employer both can benefit from your education and explain the ROI:
– Growth in your self-worth and confidence will reflect in your efficiency, and more efficient staff is always beneficial for the business productivity
– Funding the education will create a sense of loyalty towards the organisation and reduce the employee attrition rate
– Skill development of internal staff for complex roles is more economical than hiring new employees
– If at a managerial level, the employee can forward the learning to their specific teams through in-house training sessions, saving training costs for masses

4. Demonstrate Your Loyalty

An employer is going to invest in you solely if you use the newly acquired skills to deliver better work within that particular corporate structure. You have to show your loyalty. An employer is never going to invest in your education, if they have the slightest doubt that you would remain in the company after obtaining your new skills.


5. Keep Trying! Don't Give Up...

Persistence is the key to getting what you want. Don’t nag but if the initial answer is negative, you shouldn’t give up immediately.

You can inquire about the reasons for the rejection of your request. Knowing their concerns can help you to address them and come up with another reason why Intrinsic Energy is right for you and why they should help.

6. Reach Out for Help

I know Intrinsic Energy can help you and your organisation.  If you are struggling to get the support your need, get in touch and I am happy to help pitch the benefits of Intrinsic Energy.

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