The Why...


Intrinsic Energy derives from the belief that we are in charge of our own futures and careers.  No one is going to give you your dreams, you have to work for them.  You have to acknowledge what you are great at and what you need to work.  Only by perfecting your strengths and working on your weaknesses, can you achieve success.


After being an international coach in Asia, America, Europe and the Middle East, our Founder Katherine Baker, realised there needed to be a different solution to learning for three reasons.  First, time and time again, she realised people all too easily forgot programs they had previously been on.  Second, participants many times did not want or need the specific skills she had been asked to deliver.  For example, they may not want Presentation Skills but instead Influencing Skills.   Third, she noticed her webinars were becoming increasingly more desirable as people could attend them from home, away from work or at work.  


She founded Intrinsic Energy to fit this ever changing business.  With Intrinsic, participants are in control of choosing and developing the skills they actually need and they are able to repeat these courses as many times as they want to ensure the message really hits home. 


Intrinsic Energy is founded on the belief that people want to learn and grow, that people are happiest when they feel in control of their own careers, and when people are given the encouragement and trust to achieve their own initiatives.  

"You have to be motivated to change and grow to reach your dreams.  No one else can give you success."

About our Founder

Katherine Baker is a communication specialist delivering training, keynote talks and coaching for a wide range of organisations. From Fortune 500 companies to start-up ventures, Katherine has helped hundreds of clients develop the skills required to take their careers to the next level.  Katherine’s clients span a number of markets including Europe, The United States, Australia and Asia.   


Through engaging and dynamic workshops, talks, and webinars, Katherine helps drive sustainable business practice and supports companies in achieving and maintaining prominence in the global economy.  She works to increase participants professional abilities through instilling an understanding of powerful and motivational communication skills while also ensuring they get to truly understand themselves. 


The ability to lead with authenticity, be resilient to change and strive towards one’s goals enables great leadership and corporate productivity.  Being a successful team leader, building businesses or maximising your personal potential is founded in excellent communication skills and knowing yourself. 


Katherine believes in continuous learning for everyone and therefore also co-founded Congress London a non-profit women’s co-mentoring network, to deliver tools and skills to women wanting to improve their professional lives.  Featured in Marie Claire magazine, the Evening Standard, the Financial Times and in many blogs, Katherine hosts Congress London’s regular large events for their members.  She also works with The Inspiring Leadership Trust to coach young women from difficult backgrounds gain the skills needed to reach their dreams.